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A strong eyewear optical collection has been created to reflect the Ducati brand’s sense of style and performance, mixed with everyday comfort, featuring the signature Ducati hinge, under-helmet design and Italian aesthetics. Andrea Dovizioso, a Moto GP rider for Ducati, is a brand ambassador as well as a designer of his own selection of shades, the Ducati ‘Signature Style’.

With a brand obsessed with innovation and quality, you know Ducati sunglasses will be there for you whatever adventure you entail. At Oxford Optical, we have an assortment of Ducati sunglasses and eyeglasses available for the men and women who live on confidence and adventure.


The brand of Götti glasses combine the highest level of refined design, traditional craftsmanship, and technical innovation. Götti glasses embody authenticity in everyday life.
An unmistakable expression of confident style, and quality. Gotti glassess consistently minimalistic with lots of character.

This rimless collection is characterized by utmost technical precision and a refined aesthetic. The glasses consist of only a few individual pieces which join together to form a seamless entity entirely free of traditional connection methods.


A name synonymous with high-end fashion, DITA eyewear has been the celebrity go-to for over two decades. Holding a pair of DITA frames in your hands can’t compare with any other brand. DITA’s design and manufacturing standards are the benchmark by which all other luxury brands are judged- making them upper echelon.

Launched in 1995 by co-founders Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, DITA’s mission was (and still is) to create innovative, high-quality crafted eyewear with a unique look and feel.

999.9 (Four Nines)

999.9 (Four Nines) is a brand from Japan eyeglasses frame brand. The name of brand 999.9 is originated from the quality indication of pure gold. The word 999.9 engraved on the ingot of pure gold has the meaning of supreme purity in its quality.

Since eyeglasses are items placed on our faces; a delicate part of our body, our eyeglasses frames are designed under consideration of Japanese’ facial characteristics. Four Nines aims to provide people with eyeglasses frames delighted to be worn.


Gucci is one of the most prestigious brands in the fashion and luxury field. Gucci sunglasses, like the oversized tortoise, the aviator, and the cat eye, are celebrity favourites because they embody that sought-after retro Italian glamour. 

Gucci have convey a strong sense of the brands fashion heritage. Eclectic, romantic and most of all contemporary Gucci is now going a completely modern approach of what fashion is, re-establishing the rules for luxury in the 21st century. Whether round, square, metal, or plastic, Gucci sunglasses will frame your face in the most flattering of ways.


MOSCOT infuses its unmistakably refined, downtown aesthetic with over 100 years of eyewear expertise and unparalleled craftsmanship to create its timeless eyewear. While now recognized as a global fashion brand, MOSCOT remains, at heart, a neighbourhood optical brand.


Comfort and style covered with adjustable end tips, lightweight materials, full-coloured lenses and etched frames

Reworked aviator frames, featuring sleek edges and coloured lenses

Distinctive frames in ultra-light beta-titanium with a matte finish


Oxford Optical provide a  IC! BERLIN brand which produce eyewear art: with forms and shapes that stand the test of time; in a design language that deeply resonates with authentic living; by highly skilled craftsmen who make beautiful things by hand. It is together inside state-of-the-art industrial space in Berlin’s Marzahn district.

IC! BERLIN creations are worn by the world’s curious, creative individuals. They’re people who see and think with their own eyes–from entrepreneurs, architects, and musicians to artists, political leaders, and scientists. IC! BERLIN combined the original, no-screw hinge with stainless steel, titanium, synthetic, and natural materials. The result is robust, lightweight eyewear design.

Bath APE


BATHING APE is one of the leading Glasses fashion hubs of the world, BAPE (or A Bathing Ape) strives to introduce Japanese fashion culture to the world. It has become one of the most hyped brands in streetwear, and has remained as a symbol of street fashion for 25 years.

It has now expanded into Mens’, Ladies and Kids line and is carried throughout stores in Japan and also sold in US, UK, HK, China and various Asian countries. It is well known globally and highly supported by a wide range of fashionistas.


Ray Ban is designed by using different materials such as acetate, titanium and hypoallergenic metal, and all of them sustain rigid controls to transform them into the best sunglasses on the market. Each step of the process aims to reach the perfect style, functionality and comfort that distinguish Ray-Ban all over the world.

Discover our collection of Ray-Ban iconic sunglasses and eyeglasses. Choose among the latest iconic models, available in different styles, frames and lenses, including polarized sunglasses. Look through the most iconic frames, like Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Round, New Wayfarer and many more.

Ray Ban


Oakley is the world leader in sports sunglasses and also has an amazing line of everyday eyeglasses. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, going for a sophisticated look, or need something sporty, there is an Oakley eyeglass for you with prescription glasses come in all shapes and sizes!

Oakley has even created a guide to the Best Oakley Eyeglasses of 2019 to give you a better idea of their favourite frames. From the ultra-classy, full-titanium Tie Bar to tried and true classics like the Crosslink, Oxford covers the full spectrum of Oakley eyeglass offerings.


Founded in 1976, during the Golden Age of Munich, the German brand MCM (Modern Creation München) crafts luxury leather goods, apparel and footwear for the world’s most seasoned explorer.

During the epoch of MCM’s birth, the ingredients that inspired the brand were luxury, craftsmanship, art, music, travel and global lifestyles. While evolving, MCM continues to celebrate these core inspirations through a contemporary lens.

The brand is modern, progressive, cosmopolitan, rebellious, quirky and aspiring. While embracing the past and its German origins, MCM looks toward the future.