Oxford Optical

Beyond 20 / 20

At Oxford Optical, we strive to go Beyond 20/20 in everything we do. Our centres are here to provide the best service at the best rates

Why Oxford Optical

The difference between Oxford Optical and the other companies under K&C Optical Group are the direction and brands that we carry.

The brands that we are currently carrying includes home brands and international brands, catering to the different demands from the market. We are always looking to extend our range of brands and products, to offer more choices to our customers.

At the same time, we are also embracing a knowledge-based economy where innovation and technology are essential in adding to our value, enhancing our professional services and boosting our overall competitiveness.

What Do We Offer

We care for each customer, Oxford is dedicated to offer high quality to our beloved customers. Our store is furnished with advanced instruments and equipment’s. Moreover, our qualified and experienced team is always ready to offer expert advice and guidance to ensure that the services and products from Oxford Optical are of top Quality.

“Being able to see through your eye is common sense, however being able to have perfect vision is not something the mass market understands.”

The importance of eye care had only been highlighted since the inception of the technology era, exposing our eyeball to various type of radiation all day long.

“Our eyes are the window to our soul”

What have we achieved

Oxford Optical unlocked the achievement of being awarded as one of the winner for Golden Bull Award 2020.




Eye Glasses



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Customer Satisfaction

Our Services

Eye Glasses

Oxford offering comprehensive eye checking service and provided the Home & International Frame Brand. We also provided Lens Replacement service even the spectacles purchased from others shops.


The brands that we are currently carrying includes home brands and international brands, catering to the different demands from the market. We have serve the varieties brand that able to follow the current trends of the market and fulfill our customers NEED & WANT.

Contact Lens

In Oxford Optical, We are providing the standard lenses for all degrees that are high index aspheric lenses with UV protection. dust-resistant and high quality that will cause less visual distoration.


Oxford provided for our customers with a wide variety of high quality frames in more than 1,500 styles, ranging from basic to functional, stylish and fashionable, always displayed in the shop. Variety of the original private brands to match each price line and concept enables Oxford to fulfil the Need and Want in the market.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

Our expertise combined with innovative technology and superior customer service offers you an eye care experience like none other. We are passionate about using the latest technology to deliver a superior product to enhance your vision and eye health.

Customer Guarantees

As Oxford continues to expand our retails, we endeavour to provide you the most comprehensive Before-After sales Support. You may approach any of Oxford outlet wherever you maybe.