Oxford Optical


As the man behind oxford Optical, Jason began his career in 2005 with optical field in Yes Optical (M) Sdn. Bhd. where his hard work and leading performance helped him take the lead of a startup venture in Oxford Optical Group. He was appointed to be the Executive Director of Oxford Optical and in a period of 3 years, to expand and grow our business, he became the person to manage the team of 300+ people and helps to develop Oxford Optical to be standing strong at more than 10 outlets. 

Besides heading operations of our group, Jason responsible for marketing and he gives each of our employees the lead that aims to make all the customers feel comfortable and provide them with the best possible care, it is because he had a firm belief that dedicated towards providing best customer service is one of the main key to help contribute the rapid growth of an organization.

Mr. Jason Hew

Executive Director, Business Partner of Oxford Optical